NFL Playoff Games This Weekend: Celebrate Safely!

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The NFL Playoff games this weekend kick off the exciting football post-season with a handful of wild card spots up for grabs and a number of interesting matchups. It’s an exciting time for football fans as the post-season progresses, and we in Massachusetts can expect the New England Patriots to have a strong showing, possibly leading up to another Super Bowl this year. If you’re a Pats fan, you will definitely be celebrating at football tailgating parties this month. However, if you’re throwing a party at your house, there are some safety tips and precautions you will want to consider to protect your liability and avoid home insurance claims. Here are some tips for throwing a party that is safe and fun for all football fans involved.

Provide Alternative Foods

Be aware of any guests who may have food allergies, diet restrictions, or health concerns when it comes to food. Always offer a wide array of options to your guests – after all, what’s a party without a variety of delicious things to eat?!

Watch Out for Fire Hazards

If you’re warming your home as you throw a party, be sure to remind your guests to be cautious around the fireplace or any space heaters that are around. Throughout Massachusetts and New England, Patriots fans may be getting rowdy as they celebrate, and you don’t want a celebration turning deadly due to negligence.

Monitor Alcohol Consumption

On the top of the list of tips for throwing a party is to watch out for alcohol. Football tailgating isn’t the same without some ice cold beers, but it is still important to monitor everyone’s alcohol consumption when hosting a party. Offer a spot on the couch for anyone who needs to stay over, and be sure nobody drinks and drives!

Have Home Insurance

By having a homeowners insurance policy, you are protecting yourself from liability for an accident that may happen in your home. The celebrating may get a little too loud and fun, and the result can be damage to your home or injury to yourself or one of your guests. By protecting themselves with home insurance, Massachusetts residents can cover their liability in the event of resulting claims.

Use these tips for throwing a party, and you can avoid home insurance claims resulting from injuries or damage. You don’t want your liability in question, and you want everyone to be safe. Enjoy the NFL Playoff games this weekend and throughout the next few weeks, and Go Pats!

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