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What is an Umbrella PolicyReally?

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Everyone’s heard of an umbrella policy, but very few know exactally what it does. A umbrella gives you excess protection fom rain, and an umbrella policy gives you excess protection from lawsuits when your regular insurance is used up. It “sits on top” of your auto,home, or business insurance to plug the holes and make sure your completely covered.

America seems to have a love affair with lawsuits. It’s important to make sure that if you’re caught up in one, you won’t lose everything. One lawsuit can result in the loss of thousands of dollars, and umbrella insurance kicks in when your regular coverage is spent. It can pay $1 million, $2 million, and sometimes even $5 million of a claim, on top of your regular policy.

Some people have the misconception that umbrella insurance is only for wealthy people, and therefore it’s expensive. Both of those facts are false. Umbrella insurance is for anyone who has an auto, home, or business policy, and it’s very affordable, and it can be easily coordinated with your existing policies.

Registry of Motor Vehicles Does Away with Mailings

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We would just like to remind everyone of the MAIA’s notice regarding RMV mailings that will be eliminated. The following material will no longer be mailed out to insureds.

  • License Renewal Notices
  • Mass ID Renewal Notices
  • License Reinstatement Letters
    • Letter sent to a licensed customer when his/her license is reinstated, provided that the license is active
    • Letter sent to an unlicensed customer when his/her right to operate is reinstated
  • Registration Reinstatement Letters:
    • Letter sent to a person or corporation whose suspended registration has been reinstated
    • Letter sent to a person or corporation whose revoked registration has been reinstated
  • Vehicle Inspection Reminder Letters for Vehicles That are Overdue for Inspection
  • Inspector License Renewal Notices
  • 7D License Renewal Notices
  • Drivers Education Certificates
  • Junior Operator Brochures for Parents (Still Available in Branches)
  • Change of Address Labels (Customers Can Create Their Own)