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What To Do If You Get Pulled Over

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It’s a situation that no one wants to be in, but unfortunately, one that many motorists may find themselves in at one point or another: Getting pulled over by the police. For many, this may just be the result of a routine traffic stop, while for others; this could be because you have been speeding or violated a traffic law. No matter what the reason is, do you know your rights when a cop pulls you over? Do you know what to do if you get pulled over?

First things first, consider this: In most cases, the way an individual behaves when he or she is pulled over is a large indicator of how the situation will go.

  • If you handle the situation calmly, you will be much better off.
  • If you understand your rights and what to do if you get pulled over, you will be in place for a much more positive outcome than if you were to act erratically.

Here are some tips to ensure that when stopped by police you can handle the situation calmly:

  1. Promptly Pull Over: Once you see the police cruiser’s lights on behind you, pull over as soon as it is safe to do so. You will want to avoid coasting for a long distance because this could raise suspicion that you are attempting to evade the police officer or hide something. Use your signal promptly and slow down gradually, moving onto the shoulder of the road to avoid danger.
  2. Turn Off Your Engine: Once you have pulled over on the side of the road, turn off your engine and roll down your window. You always want to remain in the vehicle, with your seatbelt on, until the police officer gets to your vehicle and instructs you further.
  3. Keep Your Handles Visible: You want to avoid looking dangerous. Many officers have been assaulted, or worse, killed, during routine traffic stops. Establish the fact that you are not a threat by keeping your hands visible – this is done by leaving them on your steering wheel. Reach for documents such as your license and registration only when requested to do so.
  4. Always Be Respectful: The most important thing to do is remain respectful at all times. Always allow the office to begin the exchange and answer all questions politely. Remember, the officer is only doing his or her job and safety is the priority. Never try to argue your way out of a ticket, but instead understand where you may have been wrong. If you do have a debate, you can argue it in court.

While it is true that a moving violation may raise the rates on your Massachusetts auto insurance; however, with an otherwise good driving record, you may be able to avoid points on your license if you appear in court. Talk to your Massachusetts auto insurance agent about your options!


Holiday Activities To Take Advantage Of In Malden, MA

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, isn’t it? The holiday season is in full swing now, and we hope that you and your family are taking advantage of all there is to do in the area. When it comes to holiday activities, Boston and the surrounding area in Malden, MA knows how to celebrate the season! Have you taken advantage of the various events in our area?

On-Going Events

  • The 27th annual lighting of the largest Christmas tree in New England took place on December 5th but you can still take the whole family down to Boston Common to see the tree through the end of the season. They’ll be plenty to do for the whole family!
  • Does the family enjoy ice skating? Head down to any of the ice skating rinks in the city of Boston for a fun-filled day (or night) of family time!

Timely Events

Catch This Before It’s Over!

  • Have you gone to the Blink! Holiday Light & Sound Extravaganza yet? It’s still going on through January 5 and you certainly do not want to miss it. Shows begin at 5:00 p.m. and run until 10:00 p.m. each night at Faneuil Hall Marketplace.

Many of these activities are not just in celebration of the holidays, either – isn’t that the best part about living in the Boston area? Winter holiday activities for the kids can be taken advantage of through their entire winter break. Now get out there and take advantage of the season and have some fun with the family – and then tell us all about it!


Planning a Family Trip with Holiday Travel Tips

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Are you planning a trip over the holidays to visit friends or family? Perhaps you’re preparing for an escape from the cold winter weather to fly somewhere warm for Christmas. Or maybe you’re driving a few hours to celebrate the New Year and see extended family just a day trip away. Whatever your holiday plans, the chances are high that you will find yourself traveling. Here are some holiday travel tips that are essential to keep in mind.

Traveling By Air

If you’re ready to get away and fly somewhere else for the holidays, there are a few things you don’t want to forget. First, be sure to pack well in advance and make a checklist for yourself – after all your planning and preparation, the last thing you need is to forget your swimsuit when you have a week in the sun ahead of you! Give a trusted friend or neighbor a house key, and ask him or her to check on your home periodically throughout your vacation. Lastly, Massachusetts residents will want to be sure they have a homeowners insurance policy to keep their home protected. By covering yourself with a policy, you can safeguard against damages that may occur in the event you aren’t home to prevent an accident.

Traveling By Car

If you’re opting for a shorter holiday or a winter road trip, planning for an emergency is essential. Cars have troubles and break down, especially in the winter, so take an ample amount of time to prepare your vehicle before the trip. Get your brakes and lights checked, and be sure all regular maintenance is up-to-date. With your family in the car, you want to keep everyone safe, which is why it is also a good idea to have an auto insurance policy, regardless if you’re driving to Massachusetts or to Mississippi.

Whatever you’re planning on this Christmas and New Year’s, be sure to abide by these holiday travel tips to keep you and your family safe. Happy holidays!

6 Holiday Driving Safety Tips

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No matter what holidays you are celebrating this season, keep in mind these tips for Holiday driving safety! Holidays are a time for relaxing and spending time with family, so the last thing you want is to deal with an accident, a broken down car, or another roadside emergency. Follow these tips to ensure a happy and healthy holiday season, no matter how far you’re travelling!

6 holiday driving safety tips for you and your family this season:

  • Before you head out on the winter roads, make sure that you take the proper steps to totally winterize your car. This includes making any crucial repairs that may be necessary, such as replacing any tires that are worn down. Worn out tire treads can’t grip the slick Massachusetts winter roads as well, and are also more likely to become flat while you’re driving.
  • Make sure that all passengers are properly secured with seatbelts at all times, and that young children are seated in the correct type of car seat for their age and height.
  • Pack an emergency kit in your car. Include items such as warm clothing and blankets, water, food, flashlight, first aid kit, orange warning triangles, etc.
  • If you’re planning on driving late at night, take extra precautions. Prepare with a nap and caffeinated beverages, and don’t hesitate to pull off the road if you are feeling drowsy while driving. It’s been found that driving drowsy is actually just as dangerous as driving drunk!
  • Avoid speeding, and follow all speed limit signs. Especially if the roads are slick with snow, slush, or ice, speeding is even more dangerous than usual. Give yourself extra room in between the car in front of you, and start breaking earlier than you would have normally.
  • Double check your Massachusetts auto insurance before you head out on a long trip. Do you know exactly what you are covered for? Do you have all the necessary paperwork and information in your car in case of emergency?

Follow these 6 holiday driving safety tips to ensure a fun, relaxing, and safe holiday season for you and your family!

Insurance Terms Explained: Renters vs. Rental Insurance

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These two insurance policies sound very similar; however they are completely different policies. They are both extremely beneficial policies to have, however different people require them. Learn the more about renters insurance and rental property insurance, so you can be more informed and better protected!

Insurance terms explained:

Renters Insurance

  • This type of policy is required in order to protect your personal belongings in your rented apartment, condo, or home.
  • The landlord’s insurance policy only covers the building itself, not the personal belongings of the tenants.
  • Renters insurance typically includes liability protection, personal property coverage, and damages or loss due to theft, fire, water, vandalism, or smoke. It can also cover you for items in your car, in your yard, or even while you are travelling and staying in a hotel.
  • It typically does not cover damages caused by earthquakes, sewage backups, or floods.

Rental Property Insurance

  • This type of policy is also called Landlord’s insurance, and is the kind of policy that a building owner needs to protect his or her rented out property.
  • Rental property insurance covers the physical structure of the building from damages, including additional structures such as decks, sheds, and garages. Some events that may be included are burglary, vandalism, etc.
  • This policy also protects landlords financially by providing loss of income coverage if tenants move out early or if the property becomes uninhabitable.

Knowing what kind of insurance policy you need and what it typically covers will make the entire process of purchasing insurance go more smoothly. For any other answers to your questions about insurance in Massachusetts, contact an independent agent today.