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Thanksgiving Travel: Tips For City Driving

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Will you be traveling out of your comfort zone this holiday season? Here in Malden, Massachusetts, we live relatively close to Boston – which means that driving in the city is something we have to do often – we sort of have no choice. However, for those that live in more suburban areas, city driving can be overwhelming. It can be intimidating and feel very overwhelming. Don’t fret. Whether you are planning to drive into the city or through it to reach your destination this Thanksgiving, we have some tips to make your trip safe and successful.

Know This Before You Go
Before you hit the road, consider where you are going and map out your trip. We know that you will probably rely on your GPS or Smartphone, but you will want to be familiar with your route so you can consider:

  • Parking
  • Pedestrian traffic
  • Street rules
  • Bicycle traffic
  • “One Way” rules

You may also want to consider the fact that some cities even have rules as to when certain roads are one way and when alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. This may impact the path you take, and you can’t rely on your GPS to know these rules.

Be Safe: Preventing Crime

For many, the idea of traveling to and parking in a big city spells trouble when it comes to theft and crime. While we are not saying you should park directly in front of a police station (but hey, if you can do it…) we are recommending that you leave your parked car in a visible place and do not leave valuables visible inside of your car.

  • Avoid dim streets
  • Lock all of your valuables in the trunk
  • Do not leave any electronics out in the open – or better yet, in the car at all if you can avoid it
  • Always lock your car doors

Keep in mind that vehicle break-ins often occur where there is little human presence, so parking in an area where there is traffic is your best bet.

Remember, no matter how or where you choose to travel, you should never do so without the proper Massachusetts auto insurance. Whether its 5 minutes before the turkey is done, or after the holiday travel is over, your local agents at Paul Murphy Insurance are always available to help you get the coverage you need. Give us a call today.

Giving Thanks On Thanksgiving: 5 Reasons To Be Thankful For Insurance

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We are just days away from one of the greatest days of the year. Not sure what we’re talking about? Thanksgiving! What other day is it acceptable to eat until you cannot possibly eat anymore, watch out favorite Massachusetts sports teams on television with family and friends, and take a nap right in the middle of the day?

Really, could it get any better… we don’t think so.

There’s one thing we’re forgetting, of course: The timeless tradition of giving thanks on Thanksgiving. We could never forget it. We know that you will take some time around the table with your loved ones on Thursday to think about all of the wonderful things you are thankful for, and we want to help you out by reminding you of 10 reasons why you should be thankful for your local MA insurance agency:

  1. Your home is one of the biggest financial investments you will ever make. Your Massachusetts homeowners insurance policy will keep it safe all year long. Whether it’s fire, theft, or general liability issues, your local insurance agent can help build you a policy to keep you secure.
  2. How could you have gotten to this year’s Thanksgiving feast if it were not for your car? And without your MA car insurance policy, your vehicle might not be as safe and secure as it is today. We bet you are feeling pretty thankful for auto insurance right about now.
  3. What is Thanksgiving without your loved ones? A Massachusetts life insurance policy is there to protect them when you no longer can be.
  4. Are you a business owner? We bet you have worked hard to build the successful company you own. Your MA insurance agency protects that hard work with a comprehensive commercial insurance policy.
  5. When it rains outside – or let’s face it, this is New England, it’s probably snowing – you reach for your umbrella to keep you dry. In the insurance world, you can reach for an umbrella, too – umbrella insurance, that is.

You have a lot to be thankful for on this holiday, and with insurance, you can protect it all, too. At Paul Murphy Insurance, we can protect everything you are thankful for. Give us a call today!


Safety First During Your Black Friday Shopping Trip!

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Black Friday shopping is an American tradition almost as sacred as the holidays themselves, a day that signals a start to the holiday shopping season and brings thousands of people around Massachusetts—and throughout the country—flocking to their nearest shopping centers for the best deals! However, many people don’t realize the heightened risk of vehicle theft and car burglary, not to mention the dangers to their personal safety, which the Black Friday shopping rush brings. Do you know the safety precautions to take in order to shop safe? Here are some of the top tips you should be aware of to make it out of your Black Friday shopping trip safely and happily:

  • Car burglary and vehicle theft – You may know how to shop on Black Friday to find all the best deals, but do you know how to prevent vehicle theft, an increased danger over the holiday shopping season? For starters, park your car in open areas near other cars, and always lock your doors. A Black Friday sale item could be worth thousands of dollars, giving perpetrators of a car burglary a greater incentive to break into your car. If you have valuable items, take the time to store them out of sight, and always put your purchases throughout the day safely locked in your trunk. It is also important to never leave an extra pair of keys in the car, as car theft statistics show that most stolen vehicles will often be gone forever. Lastly, install a car alarm – it will be well worth it! Not only will a car alarm sound give the thief reason to run away, it will also attract the attention of countless witnesses around.
  • Parking lot and driving safety – Another danger that many people neglect to foresee before venturing out for Black Friday shopping: the increased safety hazards on roads and in parking lots, especially with shoppers out in droves and winter weather conditions more dangerous than ever. Always be aware of your surroundings in parking lots, whether you’re a driver or a pedestrian, and drive very slowly. As far as driving on the crowded roads, be sure to never text and drive, do not speed, and always avoid road rage, too! Don’t be in such a rush for the best Black Friday sales that you forget the important rule of safety first.
  • Massachusetts auto insurance – Having a Massachusetts auto insurance policy is essential if you are going to brave the crowded roads and parking lots to go Black Friday shopping. Not only can your car insurance policy protect your liability in the event of an accident, but it can also protect damage done or losses incurred because of vehicle theft or car burglary. Your personal safety is important, and the right auto insurance will keep you covered.

No matter where you are going on Black Friday, it is important to put your safety first at all times. The start of the holiday season is here, and Black Friday shopping can be fun and productive if you are prepared with these personal safety tips and precautions for your car, not to mention an auto insurance policy. Give [astCompanyName] a call at [astPhone] today to find out how we can help you find the right coverage. And happy shopping!


Snow Plow Insurance FAQs Answered

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If you own a small Boston area snow removal business, or own your own snow plowing truck, make sure you take the time to learn about snow plow insurance. Many snow plow operators, such as you, are unsure of whether they actually need this type of insurance, especially if they don’t employ other people. Understanding your liabilities and deciding on an insurance policy can be confusing, so that’s why we put together answers to the most commonly asked snow plow insurance questions.

Snow plow insurance FAQs answered:

  • Do I need snow plow insurance? This type of insurance may actually be required depending on which locations you plan to plow in. For example, operating a Boston snow removal company may have different requirements than a single operator clearing snow throughout the town of Malden. However, whether legally required or not, anyone who earns income by providing a snow removal service should have this type of policy. This includes snow plowing services in residential and commercial areas.
  • If I use my personal vehicle for snow removal purposes, won’t my auto insurance cover it already? No. When personal vehicles are used for commercial purposes, such as for a snow removal business, your personal auto insurance will not cover the costs of damages or losses. In this case, a Massachusetts commercial auto insurance policy or snow plow insurance package would be necessary to cover your liabilities!
  • Is snow plow insurance a type of Massachusetts business insurance? Yes. Some insurance providers have specifically designed a business owner’s insurance package based on the needs of snow plow drivers. These policies can give you protection for a variety of damages and liabilities, including coverage for general liability, loss of income, property damages, workers compensation, and commercial auto insurance.
  • Do I need workers compensation coverage for my snow plow business? Workers compensation coverage can help provide you with financial support in the event of accidents or injuries of any of your employees while on the job.

If you are looking for more information regarding your snow plow liabilities and insurance options, contact a local Massachusetts insurance agency and get the rest of your questions answered today!

Do You Have Good Driving Habits? A Turn Signal Is Often Ignored, But Why?

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A nation-wide survey has recently revealed that nearly 60% of Americans do not use a turn signal when driving. Whether turning down a new street, changing lanes, or merging, this crucial safety precaution is consistently overlooked. The most surprising conclusions of this study, however, were the reasons

Americans provided to explain why they do not usually use a turn signal:

  • 42% of drivers stated that they usually don’t have enough time before turning to utilize the signal
  • 23% attribute this poor habit to laziness
  • 17% dislike using their blinkers because they often forget to shut them off once they are turned on
  • 12% state that they change lanes too often to use a turn signal
  • 11% don’t believe that using a turn signal is important
  • 8% don’t see the value in using signals when other drivers around them aren’t bothering to use them
  • And finally, the most shocking: About 7% of participants stated that the reason they do not use a turn signal is because they feel that it adds a level of excitement to driving.

Using a turn signal is a crucial part of having good driving habits, and helps keep everyone safer on the road. Just that simple action can hugely decrease the likelihood of an accident, since other cars will be able to tell where you are going. Why take the chance of getting in an accident? Even minor accidents with little or no injuries are still a time-consuming, expensive, and stressful process, especially when dealing with auto insurance claims and other fees. In addition, safe driving and avoiding accidents or tickets can actually benefit you through discounts on your Massachusetts auto insurance premiums.