Commercial Property Insurance

To protect your company’s assets, a business property insurance policy is essential. Although it is not required by law, business property insurance is an investment that can limit your liability in the event of damage or a disaster. If something occurs to your property, and you are without a property policy, your business may not be able to handle the financial burden and could fold.

A business property insurance plan from Paul Murphy Insurance will be tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Damage from fires, electrical surges, or even embezzlement by an employee, will all be covered under a business property plan.

There are a variety of types of commercial property insurance. Coverage plans can either take the form of basic policies which provide coverage for damages caused by such events as fires and storms, or special form coverage, which offers broader coverage. Special form coverage protects all property with certain exceptions, such as terrorist acts or floods. Another option is a business owner’s policy, which provides coverage for many business-related assets inside or around your building. Property and liability coverage are both included within a business owners policy. No matter which coverage option you choose, you can also purchase additional coverage to ensure that you feel truly protected.

Before you buy, it is important to understand your policy options. The friendly agents at Paul Murphy Insurance will be happy to help you understand your insurance options- and will make sure you get the policy you need at the rate you deserve. To learn more about your business insurance options contact Paul Murphy Insurance today or get a free business owners insurance quote right now.