Limousine Insurance

The ultimate in livery service, limousines serve a wide range of clients, from the prom-bound to political dignitaries and celebrities. While some clients want to see the sights, others need to adhere to tight schedules. As a result, limousine services need to be prepared for any contingency or whim.

At Paul Murphy Insurance, we offer affordable limousine insurance solutions that can accommodate any size fleet or vehicle. These solutions can include:

  • General Liability
  • Body or Mechanical Damage
  • Garage Liability
  • Workers Compensation


“34% savings in the first year!!! When Paul T Murphy introduced me to the Plymouth Limo program and moved a portion of my fleet to Plymouth Rock I saved 34% in year one! The superior customer service I recieved was a bonus on top of the savings. The next renewal Paul told me my good loss year entitled me to another credit. I saved another 7% upon my renewal.”

Jerry Robbins
Weldon Coach.

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