Collector Vehicle Insurance

While most cars on the road depreciate with every mile they’re driven, your baby only gets better with age. That’s why, when it comes to insurance, collectible cars have different needs than other vehicles.

At Paul Murphy Insurance, we offer customized insurance products to make sure you and your car are protected. Our benefits include:

  • Full coverage for you and your car (including liability and physical damage)
  • Low premiums; as much as four-to-five times less than a standard auto policy
  • Agreed Amount valuation; In the event of a covered total loss, you’re guaranteed a check for the full agreed value.
  • Flexible use; Relax and enjoy your car – you are covered for pleasure use with only limited restrictions.
  • Specialized claims handling and repair shop of choice
  • 24-hour guaranteed flatbed roadside assistance

To learn more, contact us or get a quick quote online from Hagerty today.